Boilers And Pressure Parts


We manufacturing a wide variety of steam boiler, with different firing options.
Wide Range : 100 kg/hr to 15 ton/hr.
Working pressure : UP to 45 kg/cm2.


Oil/Gas Fired, 3 Pass, Water Tube Coil Type Steam Boiler.

The SU series is a reverse flue, three pass, water tube design steam boiler. Itgives quick steam output within 4 minutes from cold start. The combustion chamber and the smoke passages are accurately designed, which ensures that combustion occurs perfectly. It does not require any qualified boiler attendant. It is ideal for small and medium sized plants, where average steam pressure (10 Bar) is required. Units can also be designed for higher pressures.

Salient Features of the SU - Oil/Gas Fired, 3 Pass, Water Tube Coil Type Steam Boilers are

  • Reverse flue design
  • Single coil for easy maintenance
  • Larger pipe diameters
  • Improved efficiency
  • Instant steam generation

The SU series is also available in horizontal designs, with options of imported burners. Complete skid mounted units can also be offered. The feed water tank, water softener and fuel tank are mounted on one skid.
Units are manufactured in non-1BR designs upto 850 kgs/hr and in IBR certified models of 1000 kgs/hr and above. We also offer coil type steam boilers up to capacities of 3TPH with

Solid Fuel,Oil/Gas Fired, 3 Pass, Shell Type, Fuel Tube Steam Boiler .

Steam boilers in the output range of 200 to 600 kg/hr are manufactured in tree-pass smoke-tube, dry back compact shell type configuration and designed in conformity with SIB/Class 1 IBR codes. These boilers are fitted with FD/ID combustion & hinged refractory doors for ease of operation & maintenance making them quite compact and efficient packaged machines.

Salient Features of the SU - Solid Fuel, Oil/Gas Fired, 3 Pass, Shell Type, Flue Tube Steam Boilers are
  • 3 pass compact steam boiler built as per IBR
  • Easy to operate and maintain with low power consumption
  • Hinged doors for quick cleaning of smoke tubes
  • Fitted with necessary controls and safety for trouble-free operation
  • Sufficient water/steam volume for steady steam output

Solid Fuel,Oil/Gas Fired, 3 Pass, Shell Type, Fuel Tube Steam Boiler.

Shell Type Flue Tube Steam Boiler is a horizontal shell type integral furnace, flue tube, multi fuel fired steam boiler. Capacities available are from 500Kgs/hrupto 3 Tonnes/hr steam in single furnace design and upto 6 Tonnes/hr steam in double furnace design. Units are designed as per Indian Boiler Regulations. It can be used on various fuels such as coal, lignite, Oil/Gas, wood & bagasse pellets. Fluidized bed combustion system is supplied to burn fuels such as rice husk and saw dust.
An induced draft fan is provided for proper combustion and balanced draft in the combustion chamber.
High Thermal efficiency is achieved by using a large furnace, an efficient burning system and correct heat release rate between radiant and convective sections.
Boilers are designed to ensure uniform distribution of thermal and mechanical stresses in heat transfer surfaces.

Salient Features of the SU - Multi Fuel Fired, 3 Pass, Shell Type, Flue Tube Steam Boilers are

  • Minimum space required due to compact design
  • Fast start-up, erection & commissioning
  • Very easy to operate & maintain
  • Low power consumption
  • Hinged doors for easy inspection & maintenance of boiler

Smoke Cum Water Tube External Furnace Steam Boiler.

The SU series combines the benefits of a watertube furnace along with a multipassfiretube steaming chamber. This results into higher heat transfer area , hence increasing efficiency as compared to conventional solid fuel fired steam boilers. High efficiency is achieved by properly utilizing the fuels radiant heat in the water cooled furnace and the shell type steaming chamber.
The SU series units are built in accordance with the stringent Indian Boiler Regulations. Each unit is independently tested and inspected by the boiler inspector in various stages, which ensures a good quality product. Various fuels can be burnt in the SU series units, like coal, wood agrowaste, rice husk & saw dust. It can also be used to fire various gaseous and liquid fuels.
It is ideally used where steam is required at high pressures. It can be coupled to a steam turbine to generate power.

Salient Features of the SU - Smoke Cum Water Tube External Furnace Steam Boilers are

  • Reliable & robust construction
  • Large furnace volume for high combustion efficiency
  • Low heat release rates
  • Available with manual as well as automatic firing options for various fuels
  • Easy to operate and maintain


  • Agro Industries
  • Chemical & Petrochemical Industry
  • Food & Beverages
  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning
  • Textile
  • Concrete Blocks Curing
  • Dairy
  • Drugs & Pharmaceuticals
  • Batteries
  • Coir
  • Engineering
  • Educational Institutes
  • Electric Cables
  • Hotels, Hospitals
  • Leather
  • Paper/ Packaging/ Plywood/ Thermocole
  • Research & Development
  • Tea/ Tobacco/ Timber/ Wood/ Toys/ Wool/ Silk